Top 17 Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

One of the leading causes of deaths, not only in America but worldwide, is heart complication. This may pertain to heart attack, hypertension or anything that is heart-related. However, despite the many advertisements and campaigns about heart awareness and the percentage rate keeps buzzing up. Low blood pressure is part of the family. This is also one condition to worry about, where it actually makes someone feel dizzy, stressed and frequently palpitating. These are early symptoms of the hypotension; the blood pressure continuously slows down and may even cause blurred vision, breathing difficulties and fainting. It is best to maintain your body physically active and fit to avoid excessively over or low blood pressure. Even if you go below the normal blood pressure of 120/80 mm, you will still be okay so long as you don’t experience the symptoms. Now, be careful if you hit 90/60 mm or anywhere lower, as that would cause inadequate flow of blood to your vital organs such as heart, kidneys and your brain. There are many reasons that could lead to low blood pressure such as nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy, heart complications, neurological conditions and medications like alpha and beta blockers, antidepressant and more. Continue reading