Selecting the Right Blood Pressure Monitors For You

Most of people that suffer from hypertension want to do the test at home than go to their physicians every day. And we know that there are  wide varieties of  blood pressure monitors in the market place today that you are confused which one you will purchase for yourself.

Blood Pressure Monitor

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Panasonic EW3153W Cuffless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Tired of finding a cuffless blood pressure monitor? A blood pressure monitor that can give you the result in just a click away? Need not to worry as here is a wonderful and precise product that you have been looking for. It is the Panasonic EW3153W Cuffless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

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Simple to use

This Blood Pressure monitor is cuffless, so it is very easy to use. Instead of doing the standard wrap-around type of cuff, you simply put your arm inside the tube and then take the measurement using the other arm.You can place the wireless display anywhere because it has infrared signals that allow the wireless display and the main unit interconnect giving the result immediately.

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How to select a blood pressure monitor?

There are lots of types of blood pressure monitors (BPM). Buying a blood pressure monitor is a good decision to keep an eye on your own high blood pressure; but selecting one become puzzling. The option is personal and frequently based mostly on: Precision, Simplicity of use, Price, Type of cuff, Memory space and printing choices. It is vital to select one you are comfy with. This short article can offer you some tips and helpful  information to select best BP monitor for you.

Blood pressure monitors are essentially associated with three types: Mercury line, Aneroid and Digital blood pressure monitors.

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Microlife BP3NB1-1X Premium Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a great invention considered as the best blood pressure monitor. It has many features that makes this BP monitor easy to use, and work perfect for multiple users. It offers one size that fits all cuffs, that make things simple. While we actually like this monitor, it simply is not value competitive, and alternative models have the same or additional attributes for much less cash. If you like this model, the Microlife 3MC1-PC blood pressure monitor gives several of similiar features, and for less money.

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LifeSource UA-767PV Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Hypertension is a common condition which needs to be monitored carefully. The product that is mentioned above is very easy to use and compliant in daily life. Now the days to set up the BP apparatus are long gone and the auto-inflate blood pressure is the norm.

This product which is not only easy to use but also durable is only available for $39.93. This is a limited time offer which saves about 55 bucks. There are three sizes available that is small, medium & large.

LifeSource UA-767PV Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Guaranteeing LifeSource blood pressure monitor will always give you the correct result and same as when measured from a traditional mercury blood pressure monitor. This is due the clinical validation that is done for acute accuracy approved by European Hypertension Society.
  • LifeSource is an easy to use product with only a single button to work. This makes the product easier to use for a non-medical person without having to learn any nursing techniques.

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How Many Types Of Blood Pressure Monitor?

Do you need to check your blood pressure in a timely manner? If yes then, this article will give you extensive information of different types of blood pressure monitor. Blood pressures should be checked regularly in order to get information based on the measurement records. That way, you and your doctor work closely to find out what is the attitude to adopt in a specific health situation. To be on a safe side, it is very wise to have an adequate monitor to give you the exact figures indicating the blood pressures. Based on the measurement result, something must be done either in diet or in life habits.

Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors or Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

Generally speaking, it is the one we see around the doctor’s neck when we are at his office. It is composed of arm cuff, a squeeze bulb for inflation, a stethoscope or microphone, and a medical gauge to measure the blood pressure. It is the most recommended monitor because of its precise measurement. But, it is not convenient as it has a big size compared to the digital one. In addition, you should have a stethoscope because it is not included in the pack.


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