6 Natural Methods in Lowering your Blood Pressure

We often take drugs for granted but before we engage in taking them, it is very important to keep our heart in shape.

A major discovery was put to the scene when researchers from New England Journal of Medicine found out an alternative way of keeping our hearts in good condition without medicines. This is a mutation in our genes that keeps triglycerides, a kind of fat running in our blood that prevents heart from malfunctioning.

While this invention is still not sold in the market, you can definitely keep up with a few natural methods in keeping your heart safe and sound. Try out these natural approaches and you will definitely save a lot from medications.

  1. Shed some pounds

One very important way to keep your heart healthy is to make certain you lose some weight and unnecessary body fats. In this manner you will lessen the strain on your heart and lower the cholesterol and blood pressure too. Mayo Clinic gave a clue about when you have to stop growing and till how many inches on your waist should you limit yourself to.

  • Men has to keep their waist line up to 40 inches or 102 centimeters; anywhere higher than that will put their life and heart at risk.
  • Women must maintain anywhere lower than 35 inches or 89 centimeters: anywhere higher than that will put their life and heart at risk.
  1. Choose healthy foods

Although it is very enticing and convenient to go with fast food purchases, the decision is still yours. Processed foods can destroy your heart’s lining with cholesterols inside each bite. If you want to protect yourself from incurring heart diseases, know how to maintain your heart’s safety level and stick with foods that are plant-based. The Mediterranean diet is a good diet that includes nuts, olive oils, grains and green leafy vegetables. These will give plentiful of heart benefits. It will help clear out blood vessels and will make the walls stronger.

healthy food

  1. Sweat a little more

Exercising is an old method you use to hear, but often neglected. This helps condition the heart and makes it more durable, thus lessening the hypertension possibilities. You can get a little 30 to 60 minutes a day in about 3 to 4 times a week. If you can’t visit the gym to do some workouts, some cardio thorough walking could be better and effective than nothing.

  1. Lessen the Coffee

Unlike the usual connotation that coffee helps you relax your mind, it actually gives heart beat spikes and triggers more adrenaline being pumped in the blood. The pressure rises while the adrenaline kicks in, and so it may affect the pumping process. The effect of caffeine may take longer and that our body can actually take so much. Taking four cups of coffee a day will be too risky for each person so limit yourself if you want to keep your heart stronger.

  1. Breathe in, breathe out

Take your time to relax and release the stress. The tension keeping up in your heart could be very detrimental especially in longer periods of time. The more you keep yourself worrying, the more your heart puts itself in a flight or fight mode. The best thing to do is to keep the mental health in control so the physical may also follow. Remember that relaxing can be a good source of happiness.

  1. Lessen the alcohol and smoke

Smoking can make your heart pump harder and beat faster, the same thing with alcohol. If you drink too much alcohol, your blood pressure is sure to elevate and it would take some time before it goes back to normal. In addition to this, you will weigh additional weight with constant drinking habits and could cause other complications like that of the liver and joints. Cutting back on both alcohol and cigarettes could help lower the risk of hypertension and other heart diseases.


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