Panasonic EW3153W Cuffless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Tired of finding a cuffless blood pressure monitor? A blood pressure monitor that can give you the result in just a click away? Need not to worry as here is a wonderful and precise product that you have been looking for. It is the Panasonic EW3153W Cuffless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

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Simple to use

This Blood Pressure monitor is cuffless, so it is very easy to use. Instead of doing the standard wrap-around type of cuff, you simply put your arm inside the tube and then take the measurement using the other arm.You can place the wireless display anywhere because it has infrared signals that allow the wireless display and the main unit interconnect giving the result immediately.

High technology

It has a DFS or Digital Filter Sensor that can easily identify, detect and separate the important pulse oscillation , and remove noise at all. This leads to constant and quick result ability. The great effect of this technology is that it makes your blood pressure readings to be measured throughout the inflation to evade the over tightening of the cuff. It has an auto 1 touch inflate function that makes the readings and measurement easy.

Perfect for its accuracy and detection

This BP device helps you measure your blood pressure in an extremely accurate manner. It has a 3 colored- light system that can show if your condition is in normal range, pre hypertension or the worst one – hypertension. It also makes the result easy for you to evaluate

Great Attributes

To guarantee high precision, this device can mechanically notice any movement by arms and the irregular heartbeat, and shows the correspondent symbol to notify you for measuring again. The screen of the the monitor comes with a big, clear and instinctive symbols, thus reading the results isn’t any longer difficult.

Durable and reliable

The device can be trusted for its durability and reliability. You can count on the technology behind Panasonic’s BP monitors as it helps you track your blood pressure at home with ease. Panasonic is renowned electronic brand for its remarkable products with superb quality.

Who would buy this?

This product is suitable for those who desire to take their blood pressure overtime in an absolutely painless way. So what are you waiting for, if you are looking for a cuffless BP monitors that makes measuring process simplest as well as gives the accurate result then Panasonic EW3153W is the right one for you!

Getting value for your money?

As you have already known that Panasonic blood pressure monitors are considered as the well- known electronic devices in the market today because of its high quality with reasonable price. They also provide what you need in terms of the great features and long-lasting product.


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