How to select a blood pressure monitor?

There are lots of types of blood pressure monitors (BPM). Buying a blood pressure monitor is a good decision to keep an eye on your own high blood pressure; but selecting one become puzzling. The option is personal and frequently based mostly on: Precision, Simplicity of use, Price, Type of cuff, Memory space and printing choices. It is vital to select one you are comfy with. This short article can offer you some tips and helpful  information to select best BP monitor for you.

Blood pressure monitors are essentially associated with three types: Mercury line, Aneroid and Digital blood pressure monitors.

Mercury Blood Pressure Monitors

Seen in Doctor’s work place. They are the most precise, however most tough to use. Each uses the stethoscope in order to identify the sounds within the arterial blood vessels.

Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors

Would be the 2nd most efficient. Aneroid screens vary on price from regarding $20 to $30. These additionally need utilizing a stethoscope that is enclosed in this specific model. They are light-weight, transportable, and inexpensive. Specialists from the American Society of Hypertension suggest this sort and  say that they are probably the most affordable monitors and small can be incorrect with them. Aneroid versions can be hard to make use of, and should need coaching by a physician or even wellness employee. Furthermore, utilizing these needs sensitive hearing  and visual sense and could not be the most effective option for older or handicapped persons. Therefore, aneroid BPMs are usually less well-known compared to electronic monitors.

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors

These types of devices tend to be less precise however they are simplest to utilize. They are a great choice for those who are onerous of hearing  or have poor vision. If you use it the right way, it is best option for anybody.

Plus it is essential to think about cuff whilst buying BPMs. Cuffs are associated with three kinds: Upper arm, wrist and finger cuffs. Upper arm cuffs are the foremost correct. Wrist and fingers are just suggested for individuals who are unable to put them on the arm.  An inappropriate fitted upper arm cuff can lead to an inaccurate reading. This is actually the most typical reason behind wrong blood pressure measurements. To find out your own cuff dimension, calculate round the midpoint of your upper arm. When it is less then 31 cm (12. 2 in), purchase a regular-size cuff. Between 31 and 40 cm (15.7 in), purchase a large-size cuff

Cuffs should be inflated in order to measure blood pressure- they consist of the ones that should be inflated by hand, semi-automatic gadgets, or auto inflate gadgets.


Following are a few suggestions once you buy blood pressure monitor:

  • Screen Dimension — Is a regular or even an extra-large LCD read-out required. Attempt to get that with regular size.
  • Power — Battery-charged or AC adapter. In case you travel, the battery powered device is your most suitable option.
  • Memory Functions — Some models store final reading or even several blood pressure measurements. Additionally, there are also models which can connect with the PC. Better to select which has a memory space recording at least a month BP checking.
  • Printing choices –A few monitors also provide printing options to maintain your own records secure
  • Cuff Sizes — Some models come with large as well as small arm cuffs. The dimensions of the actual cuff on the blood pressure monitor can be the most significant to obtain a precise reading. Thus do not use cuff that is not too small or too large.
  • Price — Price is one of the most important factors. Make sure to do research as much as you can. The more costly devices may not be as effective as the less expensive ones
  • Precision — Blood pressure measurements on some wrists and finger models may not be as precise as an upper arm ones
  • Simplicity of use –Depends upon individual choice. Individuals with specific afflictions can find one device more reliable in its results compared to another.
  • Period of Guarantee –Guarantees differ from 2 to 5 years. Examine your own device frequently to ensure everything operates easily and properly.

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