Microlife BP3NB1-1X Premium Blood Pressure Monitor

This is a great invention considered as the best blood pressure monitor. It has many features that makes this BP monitor easy to use, and work perfect for multiple users. It offers one size that fits all cuffs, that make things simple. While we actually like this monitor, it simply is not value competitive, and alternative models have the same or additional attributes for much less cash. If you like this model, the Microlife 3MC1-PC blood pressure monitor gives several of similiar features, and for less money.

Microlife BP3NB1-1X Premium Features

The Microlife BP3NB1-1X premium blood pressure monitor comes with a quantity of exclusive features that set the monitor in the upper end of the BP monitors, and certainly as a “superior” monitor.

The BP3NB1-1X has a one touch automatic system on, that inflates and test features automatically.  It is one touch system is really a one touch technology. It is very simple to utilize this monitor, just put the arm cuff on your arm properly (placement pointers are on the arm band) and then push the start button. The Microlife device does the remainings. On the essential setting, it inflates automatically, check your blood pressure and shows the result of blood pressure as well as heart rate on clear and large LCD screen display. This model additionally includes a sophisticated averaging feature, which is able to take 3 sequential readings, shows and records the average of the 3 for you.

This Microlife unit can be used by two person plus one user, it can mark and give the result up to 120 readings for each user. The guest user feature may be a bit distinctive, that lets the visitor uses the device without interrupting affecting the measurement readings of the other two users.

The Microlife BP3NB1-1X features a “One size fits all” cuff, covers arm sizes from 8.7 inches 18.1 inches.  The “one cuff” will help you save money due to the fact that you don’t need to purchase another one.

The screen can be easily and clearly read because of the large LCD display unit that comes along with the visual indicator of how your results related to the standard sets by the National Institutes of Health.

The Microlife BP3NB1-1X has a Windows software and USB cable and uploading the blood pressure results to your C or desktop computers. There are some complaints regarding of the compatibility Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and  the data is little bit hard to use when it is uploaded. If you face these problems, feel free to communicate with Microlife, who is willing to support you whenever needed.

This electronic device has conventional features that most digital blood pressure monitor possess. It indicates irregular heartbeat, detects motion. Furthermore, it has given visible guidelines for proper arm cuff placement. Lastly, this BP monitor unit comes with 4 AA batteries, and an AC adaptor.

Customer feedback

The Microlife BP3NB1-1X BP monitor has gathered a lot of reviews and good comments on Amazon.com. Most of the customers like the monitors but the main downside is the cost.

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