LifeSource UA-767PV Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Hypertension is a common condition which needs to be monitored carefully. The product that is mentioned above is very easy to use and compliant in daily life. Now the days to set up the BP apparatus are long gone and the auto-inflate blood pressure is the norm.

This product which is not only easy to use but also durable is only available for $39.93. This is a limited time offer which saves about 55 bucks. There are three sizes available that is small, medium & large.

LifeSource UA-767PV Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Guaranteeing LifeSource blood pressure monitor will always give you the correct result and same as when measured from a traditional mercury blood pressure monitor. This is due the clinical validation that is done for acute accuracy approved by European Hypertension Society.
  • LifeSource is an easy to use product with only a single button to work. This makes the product easier to use for a non-medical person without having to learn any nursing techniques.

  • Keeping records is something very vital when it comes to taking care of someone. LifeSource comes to you with a built in memory that can save up to 90 readings along with a time and date stamp relieving the person to keep track manually.
  • Hypertension is mostly associated with heart problems which if not detected in time can lead to severe results. With One Step Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor, you can monitor any irregular or anomalous heart beat which can save a person from going into any severe condition.
  • All the readings are automatically calculated to give an accurate reading of blood pressure which avoids any guesswork and makes blood pressure monitoring more easy than it ever was. While a person will have to interrupt when measuring it manually, this is not the case with this product. In addition the device comes in with a standard set of limits that immediately notify you if the blood pressure is normal or not


  1. Although this fancy apparatus that we have talked about makes our work easier but it should be remembered that it does not replace a certified medical practitioner.
  2. The launch of this product is to make our lives easier however continuing regular visits to the doctor is imperative.
  3. The package that is delivered to you contains a very thorough manual for use and maintenance of the product. But getting direct help from the physician is again the best option.
  4. The sole purpose of a 90 day memory is to have a record. This record should then be shown to your family doctor who will then prescribe medication.
  5. Less likely though but if the readings of the machine seem to be abnormal, please confirm them with the concerned doctor. In both cases, this should verify either the fault of the machine or any abnormality in person’s blood pressure.
  6. The reason for making three cuff sizes available is to ensure that you have the correct cuff for you. Incorrect cuff size will undermine the accuracy of the reading.
  7. Do not try to open or service the monitor by yourself.

Disclaimer: Please do not rely only on the information given above, the disclaimer that is provided in the package should be first thoroughly read.

What does your package contain?

  • LifeSource Advanced One Step Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Auto inflate cuff
  • Quick starting card
  • A log book for a Month
  • Instruction manual

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