How Many Types Of Blood Pressure Monitor?

Do you need to check your blood pressure in a timely manner? If yes then, this article will give you extensive information of different types of blood pressure monitor. Blood pressures should be checked regularly in order to get information based on the measurement records. That way, you and your doctor work closely to find out what is the attitude to adopt in a specific health situation. To be on a safe side, it is very wise to have an adequate monitor to give you the exact figures indicating the blood pressures. Based on the measurement result, something must be done either in diet or in life habits.

Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors or Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

Generally speaking, it is the one we see around the doctor’s neck when we are at his office. It is composed of arm cuff, a squeeze bulb for inflation, a stethoscope or microphone, and a medical gauge to measure the blood pressure. It is the most recommended monitor because of its precise measurement. But, it is not convenient as it has a big size compared to the digital one. In addition, you should have a stethoscope because it is not included in the pack.


Digital Blood Pressure Monitors – Automatic or Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors

Wrist and arm cuffs are included with it. However, arm cuffs digital monitors are highly recommended instead of wrist monitors due to their accuracy. The screen of automatic monitors has become an interface for the patient to read the figures displayed on it. It is very friendly because of the one simple button to get a result. The drawback is that it is a little pricey and it may take time while using it as the first reading is not always sure so, the measurement should be repeated several times.

Digital-Blood-Pressure-MonitorFinger Blood Pressure Monitor

Here comes the time when there is no need to roll up your sleeves to check your blood pressure. Only one finger press on the finger cuff is enough for those who have to check their blood pressure as often as possible. The results can be read after pressing the cuff. It is very comfortable as it is extremely lightweight and very easy to carry. That’s why most of the people like this type of monitor even it is not as precise as an arm one. One recommendation when buying it, always refer to the manual blood pressure monitor in order to avoid any confusion.


Pediatric Blood Pressure Monitor

Designed for children, this monitor includes small cuff with a lcd of video game. While using it, children will not be aware of what is happening around them because there is a way of distracting them while taking their blood pressure. It is an effective method to check their blood pressure in a different manner. Blood pressure in children can happen due to the eating disorders that may lead to other diseases as well as have impacts on blood pressure. Consequently, tracking children blood pressure records becomes common nowadays.


Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

If you have problems with your arms or inflammatory disease, wrist blood pressure monitor is the best for you. Even though, the measurement result of finger and wrist blood pressure monitors is not much reliable as body temperature and the positions of your body may affect the readings, they are widely used. In addition, they are quite expensive. The pack is composed of cuff, small LCD with storage case, pulse monitor is optional. These are very portable. Apart from being a blood pressure monitor, the designer gives it a look like a watch that will be a detail for your style. So, this is the reason why most of the people choose this monitor because it combines health and elegance.

Omron-BP652-7-Series-Wrist Blood-Pressure-Monitor

Checking blood pressure is really necessary for healthy life. However, you should be very vigilant while selecting which blood pressure monitor is convenient to handle, simple to operate and accurate to give readings. Before utilizing the monitor, remember to read the instructions in the manual carefully.


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